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Grant to fix field restored

Posted By admin

Date: June 3rd, 2011

The bid announcement to hire a contractor to fix the Jim Thorpe Area High School Stadium is here >>.

The specific project is to fix the field which is basically under water and unusable by the hundreds of students in the district.

Senior Night cancelled due to field conditions

Posted By bqschwartz

Date: November 7th, 2009

The Oct. 23, 2009 football game against Schuylkill Haven was moved from Jim Thorpe to Haven due to poor field conditions.

The field is essentially closed until studies can be conducted and a plan put in place to fix the drainage.

The real tragedy here is that the field had to become unplayable before anyone would pay attention to it and now the seniors won’t have Senior Night like every senior before them.

Apparently, there was an uproar from the town that prompted Jim Thorpe School District Superintendent Barbara Conway to write a letter to the TIMES-NEWS. Read that letter here.

We hope the district will invest the appropriate amount of time and money into properly fixing the field where drainage, according to Mrs. Conway, “has been a problem since the field was opened almost nine years ago.”

Why the drainage problems weren’t addressed nine years ago when there was probably a warranty on the work is a good question.

Let’s hope this time around the work is done right, good contracts are in place to ensure the work is done right, and the field is ready by next August.

High school field needs fixing

Posted By Thorpe

Date: September 29th, 2009


The Junior Varsity football game on Monday, Sept. 28 was moved to Panther Valley because the Jim Thorpe high school field was basically under water. The venue change means we had to bus the team over to Lansford which costs $X dollars AND we lost out on concession stand sales which average $Y dollars per home game.

This isn’t the first time the field conditions have wreaked havoc on schedules. The Jim Thorpe Booster Club uses the field for their home football games on Sundays. On Sunday, Sept. 13, the club arrived at the field for that day’s games only to field it usable despite the bright sun and warm temperatures.

The club had only about an hour to move all of their equipment, concession stand materials including a grill, and kids 15 miles up the road to Penn Kidder. Someone had to stay at the high school to direct all the home teams and the visiting Tamaqua players and their families to the new location.

Needless to say, Jim Thorpe is not getting a good rap in terms of being able to host athletic games. The state of our field negatively impacts all sport programs that rely on it to be dry and playable — track, soccer, and football. The poor drainage system results in a swamp days after the rains have stopped. It creates chaos for scheduling and financial losses in terms of concession stand and ticket sales.

I think it’s time we start fundraising for a new field. Who’s with me?

I’m devoting a section of this Web site to the New Field Effort. The section will document when a program is disrupted due to the field not being playable. I’ll try and document both the inconvenience and the financial losses. Overtime, I believe, we’ll have a good case upon which to build a robust fundraising program.

It will take time. I will reach out to area districts who have successfully raised enough money to put in Astro-turf — which isn’t affected by weather. We’ll learn from their success and their mistakes. It will probably take ten years but in the end we’ll have a field to be proud of and one that won’t turn kids away on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon.

Kathy Schwartz
Jim Thorpe resident and mother